Visionboarding Workshop at Monthly Milk

  • Patterns 10 Marine Parade Brighton UK

Join us for a relaxing, inspiring and fun visionboarding workshop at Monthly Milk at Patterns

Visionboarding is a creative self exploration process offering valuable techniques and strategies for personal development. It´s often referred to as a mindful meditation activity or "soul searching", and is a great way to unblock stagnancy, get clarity in confusion, explore new perspectives and perhaps uncover your unconscious dreams and desires! 

Create your own visionboard and explore your focus for the new year and beyond.  Take your creation home and use it as a guide to explore your intensions, focus and dreams - updating it as often as you like!

We have lots of Magazines and equipment you can use like the board itself, scissors, glue, tape, glitter (obvs), crafty nuggets and different kinds of paper for you to make your vision board on.

We´ll also guide you through our personal visionboarding ritual that you are welcome to take part in! 

3 Pounds will go towards covering our costs.

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