5 things you should know before going on a retreat with us

The year was 2012 and we'd booked up our first two retreat weekends at the picturesque island of Skjerjehamn outside Bergen, Norway. As we rolled out our fairy lights in the sea view dining room / yoga space and worked on getting familiar around a professional kitchen we felt a sense of humbled pride. Here were a list in our hands with names of 40 wondrous people trusting us in our care. We just had to get this right.  

Now, four years later, with 5 Brighton Retreats, 3 Composers Retreats and many more retreats in Bergen and beyond under our belt we've appreciated their unique difference, yet also noted some things that our guests can expect when joining us on these creativity and movement explorations.  

So, if you're thinking about joining us for the upcoming Brighton Summer Retreat, here are 5 terms and conditions that do apply >

1. Take your pleasure seriously!

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Whether it´s nourishing recipes to share with you or rolling around on pillow forts, we aim to create experiences that make you feel good. No room for snootiness or power trips here as we give in to the joy and curiosity of being. 


2. We see the yoga thing as a personal experience

Brighton Summer Retreat

Which means that whether you´re a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, we offer you guidance in your practice so you can deepen and explore at your own pace. There´s no one size fits all, and smaller groups mean more attention for you and your practice, so if there´s something you´ve been hoping to focus on, there´s space for that here. 


3. it´s not "just a yoga retreat".

Visionboarding in the candle lit living room at Skjerjehamn in Norway

Visionboarding in the candle lit living room at Skjerjehamn in Norway

We combine our creative approach to everything we do - and you can indulge in activities and techniques we share, or not. We want this to be a sustainable experience, and we believe tapping into your creativity as well as indulging in movement studies will make moments that stay with you.

We´re not interested in withholding stuff that could be useful, so expect to get the lowdown on the best places to visit in Brighton, secret nooks and crannies, tips, tricks and tools to enhance your world, be it stuff for your yoga practice, or your personal city guide. We´ll share info on the best therapists in town, take you skating outside the Brighton Pavillion, find the perfect location for you to enjoy the best cakes in the city and beyond, and track down where you can find that item that´s been on your mind.

4. Do: You! 

Brighton Summer Retreat


Be it on the yoga mat, or in your free time. We don´t have rules about what you can't eat or drink, or where you need to be at what time. NON snooty + NON judgy is the tune to which we nynn (hum). This is the precious time to take care of YOU, and we are here to support and enhance that in the best way we can. 


5. Expect the unexpected 

Brighton Summer Retreat

Usually stuff comes up and out when you´re investing time and attention to yourself. Big shifts, big changes, life changing and enhancing stuff. Expect to get clearer on what might have been lurking underneath the surface and scoop up the goodness. We´ll be there to support you. So if it's clarity and big life changes you want, come join us!

You in? 

Made up your mind and ready to book your next adventure? Head straight to the booking page here: 

We really appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our retreats in Norway and the UK over the years. So many lasting memories and so many fun times! The most rewarding thing about it is that it's so different in wonderful ways every time, and we hope to learn and grow with you to make the experience better and better.  

We'd love to host you for the sun filled and festive Brighton Summer Retreat! Explore all the deets on that here, and make sure to watch our little video summary from last time. 

Hope to welcome you to make some memories together in 2017. 

dionne + ketil 

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