Treat Yo'self!

Hiya babes! What´s cooking?

It was glorious Pride here in Brighton over the weekend- one of my fave summer days in the calendar. A celebration of life, of love, of freedom, and of each other. It´s the first Pride i haven´t been working for years. Possibly a decade. Ample opportunity for me and my alter ego (Ethel) to bring out our sequins and platforms and dance our stockings off - what rapture! So of course, i spent the weekend sitting at my computer, working. - - -hold on, what?! 

There were defo vibes i caught from my window that spread throughout the city of course, but depriving myself of the celebratory times for work? -i (mostly) love working, however I think i need to practice less self sabotage of life´s sweetness and more pleasure (principle) >

Of course, missing out on the festival that i love and look forward to all year has a double negative effect: because now i´m pining and regretting the time i spent at work, and the opportunity to connect with others for life memories and funtimes. Alas.

It can be easy to get caught up in those limited thought patterns. Telling ourselves what we don´t deserve and what should replace our feel-good and wellbeing. Perhaps we don´t feel important enough to do something nice for ourselves. Or vital enough to allow ourselves to take a day off/ have a treat/ watch that episode of Ru Paul´s Drag race/ let Ethel out of her cage/ indulge in that internet rabbithole of life-giving links (see below!) 

It´s usually much easier to stick to habits, and if ours are not rooted in positive self esteem then of course we will run into some challenges in how we treat ourselves. 

So today offers an opportunity: To connect to our POTENTIAL and our capacity to receive the good stuff. You know, the sweeter parts of life!

It´s up to us to remind ourselves of our intrinsic greatness.

Our gifts and talents.

And cultivate positive self esteem. Which isn´t afforded to all of us. Therefore it´s a process of integrating things into our worlds to demonstrate we are worthy, deserving and important. 

Perhaps it´s a practice in talking to yourself nicely. Redirecting the focus from the "should´s". Or simply breathing in a way that feels supportive. Eating that thing you really want to eat because it tastes amazing. Dancing in the bathroom and onto the streets. And most importantly, switching attention away from the guilt when doing something that gives you pleasure.

This week, can we explore being kinder to ourselves?

Taking time to indulge in the things that make our lives epic?

What can you do right now to luxe up on life-giving nourishment?

Do you have any tips for treating yo-self?

Let me know!


Always got your back,

Dionne x