SPACE: in busy times, for busy people

Never tire of skies like these...

From this morning's walk- a pause to sit, appreciate and remember. 😌 

✨Even though things are busy with planning lots of lovely and exciting things, making space is still a worthwhile effort. It helps me to be more effective and efficient when I return to the desk. It also helps with all of my relationships. 

✨Think it's important to remember it all comes from you, so whatever you're up to these days, however busy, start there, with space for yourself first.

Then there's more beans for everything (and everyone) else, don't you think? 

✨Making space might be a moment to sit and daydream.
Meditate. Listen to a song I love. Write. Move. Eat a pasty. And so on. ...

What do you do to make space in your day? 💜

Love and shortcrust pastry vibes

✨*insert pie emoji*✨