Side body, hips, core, balance + chill // Yoga with Dionne //10 minute yoga practice

Are you a banana? I´m a banana! Yes! Let´s be bananas together! 
This practice is for my friends who struggle a little with balance, or who want to take balance to a different dimension. A bit like the Prodigy. But less 90s rave, more chill. Sound good? 

You will need: some floor space, possibly a blanket and possibly some pillow. 

We´re exploring some standing poses on our side - of course we are! Lots of options to do what you feel, babes. Spicy meatballs optional. Visits to Wobble City welcome!

Great practice for focus and grounding if that´s your physiological vibe.

Let me know how it goes eh? 

dionne x

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