on Meditation: a luxurious holiday for the brain

Meditation makes me me feel like my brain has been on the most luxurious holiday 💜💦

It's not always like that - I've defo and frequently been frustrated or bored or thinking about what's for dinner or what emails I need to reply to-etc-etc--but I feel that's part of it too. The process of being able to see and feel what's there without needing to "fix it all" can be powerful: we can create a space around it to breathe better and feel better.

If you're starting or coming back to a practice, be patient with yo-self babes! Remember: there's no right or wrong way to meditate, it's ok to have thoughts, it's how you respond to them, innit? (Lol, I haven't said "innit" since I was 15 but still enjoy writing it. Often 😏)

This week in class at h.en and Lick Yoga, will continue our practice with a focus on our meditation journey and how we can integrate that into "real life stuff".

With love and support from my 90s teenage colloquialisms to yours 💕💕