Inspo Station: New Year Special!

There's probably at least one of us who like this page who've made some resolution about their body. Lose weight, tone up, something like that. And it's good to want to be healthy. But chances are, many of us are OK exactly the way we are. So here's 5 other things you can do in 2017 instead of lose weight >

Elizabeth Gilbert's 4-Question Test to Know Who to Trust >

Radical Brownies - YES! >

How to keep your resolutions (clue: it's not all about willpower) >

Confront mortality to live an authentic life > the Worm at the Core >

Aw, George...miss you already >

My 2017 anthem. Thank you for perfection Speech Debelle - The Work feat. Miss Baby Sol [💕] >

Man who slept through 2016 finds out everything he missed >

...and they made a movie trailer for 2016 - LOL >

It´s not all bad though, there were many great things that happened last year. And now we have the opportunity for a new start. But don´t get too worried or pressured about having to begin again. Here´s some words i wrote about that >

Are you subscribed to the Vibes: Immediately playlist on Spotify? Get my current fave tunes for classes and bathroom discos here

Want to learn a new skill? Shonda coming soon for writers out there but lots of topics >

Inspirational story of my fave astrologer, Chani Nicholas >

When someone new starts at your work. (but wouldn´t it be nice to greet each other with such enthusiasm every day?!) >

Interesting for vertigo sufferers >

Finally, some Goddess energy for you:


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