My current morning routine (to encourage more pizzaz into the week!)

You made it through Monday babes! For you, a pat on the back of accomplishment from me and Barry! 🌹

For many, the start of the week can feel a bit overwhelming or filled with impending dread😬😒😖
let´s talk about it! 🙋🏽

I find I'm much more eager to go into the day with more pizzaz and enthusiasm💪🏾 when i'm feeling centred and organised.

Now and then, i switch up my morning routine - If you´re interested, here´s my current flow - ha ha, "flow" lol: 🙈

🔸I stopped checking mails first thing in the morning and instead focus on putting stuff "in" that helps me to feel good or inspired. It's tempting to dive in and start "fixing" of course, but it gets easier with practice. As for listening, lately it´s radio, podcasts or inspiring talks on youtube. Music also helps massively of course.

🔸Then, or sometimes during the listening focus, i´ll move in a way that feels good. This may or may not include some bathroom lunges.

🔸Following that, i get still for a meditation practice. Perhaps taking a walk to do that and be in the sunshine and fresh air. Write my morning pages. An artist date.

🔸Finally, i read or look over stuff that i´ve made or produced which gives me a sense of "you can do it", know what i mean? Now, that doesn't mean i get everything on the list done BUT at least i feel more grounded in the process.

Question 🎤: What helps you to stay present and motivated to meet your day?