It´s the end of an era + Lick Yoga as we know it!

What can i say? Some big shifts this week - endings and beginnings. I´ve been reading up on my chart in this current planetary alignment (see the latest inspo station for more on that) and learning to trust. And to let go. I don´t mean to be cryptic. I guess the end of the calendar year always makes me a little nostalgic.

For many, the festivities are kind of like that. A mixture of feels. Reflections. Rememberings. And that´s ok. 2016 has been a challenging year for many (and i´m still not over Prince to be honest)....but anyway. It´s been quite an eventful week.

Lick Yoga is moving. Ending, at least as we know it.

Here´s a story.

In June 2014 we opened the doors to our "pay what you can afford" yoga project in central Brighton. I´d not long moved back from Norway and felt a really strong need to continue to provide a space for people to have the option to come to class with no obstacle in the way. I´m used to playing with spaces and over the years i´ve offered yoga in all kinds of “strange” “non yoga” places both in the UK and Norway. The "stranger" the better tbh. The Lick Warehouse and all the people in it are defo very close to my heart and all seemed to slot into place - it was an ideal base to start something.

And so, after 2.5 years of weekly community classes, it’s the end of an era for Lick Yoga as we know it! We found out last week that Lick have to move premises ASAP and at present we do not know if there is a new space we can move to that´s affordable in order to make the project sustainable and accessible.

When i received the news, i felt a mixture of feelings, sad to let anybody down - but also amazed that this project, grown out of nothing, has become such a wonderful thing and defo one of my favourite parts of the week. To have spent the last 2.5 years running this project every week for this community has been an honour. So thank you so very much for letting me do that.

To everyone who came along to the events, from near and far, you´ve each inspired me massively simply, by showing up. For coming back. For trying it out. I´m always amazed when i open the doors to your smiling faces.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has ever queued to get in. Who showed up but couldn’t quite fit in the space and so had to leave….for those who came to join and squeezed in with good vibes so we could all participate. For those who have bravely shared the space up front with me so there could be more space for others. For all of you who came along with no expectation, rather, just your goodness. You have made this what it is. I´m really struggling to type - have all the feels.

Immense gratitude to Lick for supporting this project from day one. For opening their doors and understanding and being open to what kind of project i wanted to offer. Non snooty. Welcoming. Inclusive. With humour and realness. They have supported Lick Yoga plus other “zany” ideas i’ve had over the years and i’m tremendously grateful. From letting us make a jungle in their space, being up for glitter (everywhere) for the Lick Yoga Discos and turning the whole place purple for our Prince Yoga tribute. Grateful for this space that has always felt safe and warm. Thank you for offering this incredible venue as well as donating free fro-yo every week for all the guests (that´s a lot of fro-yo!). I´m tremendously grateful for the support which has meant i can continue to make the project happen week after week (approximately 120 Lick Yoga´s or so + numerous Self Care Sessions + Yoga Disco´s + Lick Socials, the Prince tribute etc.) It´s been….special.


So what happens now?

This Tuesday 13 December, (tomorrow!) Lick have agreed we can have our last session in the space (despite that they are moving out asap!). We will bring you home made Norwegian pepperkake (recipe here!) and go out in style. Everyone´s welcome in person or in spirit. I´m also really going to try not to cry.

Of course, i´m super sad not to hold this weekly gathering, but perhaps something can grow out of this movement into something even bigger and more impactful for many, wherever you are in the world so i hope you stay in touch.

I´m defo going to keep teaching (and studying) despite not having a physical space - and i still want this to be accessible. Some of you know i started recording some low-key low-fi videos for a little while (gradually getting over the cringe of camera things - lol). I´ve set myself a challenge to continue this every week and these will be free. You can get the link to my channel here where you can subscribe if you´re interested. Although this is my first regular space to put videos (and i realise i don´t have all the technology - yet!) i hope they are useful and a chance for you to make space for yourself wherever you are and to keep practicing.
Feel free to send me any requests btw!

I´m also working on a little something else behind the scenes that i´ll share with you once it´s finished baking - you can keep up to date with things via this weekly digest or via the facebook pages below if you’re interested in that.

I´m still running retreats (all the info below) and planning to continue events in Norway too. So if you want "real life" things, you can keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page.

We will keep the Lick Yoga FB page active, and i´ll still post there, perhaps making that a mainly “yoga” page. Had some ideas to use it for streaming classes or movement-related-life things but i don´t know - is it useful? Still feeling things out here so please bear with me (and always open to your suggestions of how to offer things that are worth your time!)

I´ll also still update Vibes: Immediately - if you´re not subscribed, here´s a link.

And of course you can still find me at “home” on Changing the Menu FB. And lurking on Instagram. Etc. So feel welcome to connect wherever feels good.

And if social media feels meh,  you can access to all the updates on projects + developments via the weekly digest.

And so, it feels very symbolic as we approach the end of the year that we will hold the final Lick Yoga session tomorrow. Endings and beginnings. It’s all connected.

So let´s roundup with the last one (for now!):

/ / / Lick Yoga Roll Call, Tuesday 13 December, 7.30-8.30pm / / /

You can find the FB event HERE plus a recap on how you can practice with me below.

Thank you. So very much.

With love always,



  • Come to our final Lick Yoga session this Tuesday (pepperkake + vibes)
  • Via my youtube channel where you can subscribe to get the latest classes which are all free (i´m uploading once a week on a Tuesday!)
  • We have two final slots available for our Brighton New Year Retreat and just extended the early bird price for our Brighton Summer Retreat. If you want in, just follow the links or reply to this mail.
  • I have one slot now available for private classes in Brighton and two slots for a Skype session (anywhere in the world!). Get in touch for rates + to have a chat!