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The most festive houses in Britain >

The dogfather (The man who looks after 735 dogs!) >

2K16: the best, the worst, the WTF/LOL! >

Dreaming of a frugal christmas? There is a growing ‘minimalism movement’ that puts less emphasis on buying things, and more on people, places and happiness. >

Behind the Scenes of Björk's Massive Real-Time VR Music Video for "NotGet". >

Solange! >

This inspiring project. > 

Lad takes dog for a walk, has an absolute nightmare! "Get a dog they said. It'll be fun they said..." >

Shout out at this time of year to anyone estranged from their family and / or working to redefine the meaning of family in all it’s glorious potential. BIG LOVE X
— Dan Glass

New year goals! >

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Me, last week >

Women are amazing. (take a big pinch of salt on the cycle info - we´re not all made the same :) ) >

Whilst we´re on periods, how amazing are these chaps? (wish they had been at my school!) >

In the jule spirit? Luther and Chaka Khan perform “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” >

Americans try Norwegian christmas food (this one never gets old!) >

2016! >