Inspo Station: Disco balls, Natures Dazzle, Self Care for Activists, Film, Music + more!

Meet Yolanda ‘Yo Yo’ Baker, America’s last disco ball maker >

When people doubt you in those moments when you want to give up, you think back and you really reflect and you´re like, ´no, i have a purpose

These Dancers Are Destroying Stereotypes >

Obviously, this interview gave all the life this week > Beyonce interviews Solange >

Yes Coby! >

This Twitter > Women´s Art (thanks Minna!) >

Being 18 and dancing relentlessly to this >

This Guy Took Some Amazing Photos Of "Light Pillars" Filling The Night Sky >

Just keep moving - Toni Basil (of "Mickey" fame) at 72! - amazing inspo >

At home with Little Dragon ( a couple of years ago!) >

Art education is marginalised. But here´s some folks doing something about that right now. >

If Earth is spinning to the east, why isn't it faster to fly west? (i´ve always wondered!)>

Certain Women gets a thumbs up! > 

Memespiration -When someone brings you (me) a snack >

Me, channeling this Jazzercise supercut from 1983 >

In case you missed Viola´s speech. We see you Meryl! >

Happy Birthday Moomin! Thank you for teaching me the words to this song as soon as i could talk! >

I´ve wanted to go to beautiful Mexico since i was very very small. Please indulge me the next three posts! >

Lake of the 7 colours >

I. mean. Sotano De Las Golondrinas >

A trip up Chichen-itza (back when you could climb up!) >

Meet Vitas, Russian superstar and expert tongue-clucker… >

In the FEELS? Here´s some FEELINGS!

Inspo from one of my alter ego´s fave groups PLUS a personal playlist of muses (for those of you who want to channel some inner Ethel!) but you´ll have to click through to youtube via the link below to get access to the nectar! >

Fancy some yoga with me? Let´s practice! (Subscribe for first dibs on updates!) >

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