Stay inspired, clear and productive every day

As we take daily walks as one of our rituals, and often capture sounds on our travels, we thought, why not also capture the sound of us talking! To you!


So, we made a podcast with you in mind that we hope to deliver to you weekly. For free!

We tend to talk about topics including the world. Life things. Productivity. Creativity. “alternative” lifestyles. Wellness. Dreams. Things we love. How to apply self care and all of the above to real life. And so on.

In this 10 minute episode, we are taking a walk from the sea back to our home, but not without an encounter with a murmuring, some heavy panting (from us) some tips on a couple of things we do to stay inspired, clear and productive every day.

Let us know what you think, if you found it useful, wild, a bit sinister etc. Or if you have any wonderings yourself – questions, quandaries and so on, that you´d like us to cover in the coming episodes!