Inspiration Station: Week 49


Looking up my pluto sign in my birthchart (Pluto is in my 9th house - explained a lot about my hobo nature and rabbitholes! what about you?) >

also, an interactive birth chart wheel here >

Thermals where possible. Midnight walks to the sea in thermals. The Ginger Pig! (parents were down for Fine´s birthday - highly recommended!) > 

and as productivity goes, i´m DEFO trying this >

inspiration station


When is it OK to take a break? >

Back in time for Brixton! >

a lesson in formationism by artistic duo walter & zoniel >

It could have been any one of us >

What a Venture Capitalist Knows About Finding Your Passion >

Tessellated Origami Sculptures by Goran Konjevod >

Jazzie B's 1980s: From Dole to Soul! >

inspiration station continues below > 

As artists and designers become more sensitive to matters of gender, race and cultural appropriation, i-D looks at the often undervalued radical power of decoration. >

Darkness can be a teacher >

Morgan lets rip: Why is the Turner prize failing to engage with politics? >

Life Skill: How to Not Buy Any Holiday Presents. The anti-gift guide. >


Yoga and the New Discipline >

This was so RUDE! But the way it was written had me chuckling i must admit… (i don´t agree, fyi!) >

Enjoyed this >


SZA, The Internet, and More Talk Color Theory at Tyler, the Creator’s Carnival in Los Angeles >

The Pengest Munch! (this kid is a boss!) >

Claire Wineland has cystic fibrosis and is using her positive attitude and social media to normalize death. >

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear >

There´s always that one person! >

Parkinson's disease meant she couldn't draw, but a new invention has changed Emma's life. >

Grow food! >

Best festive decorating i´ve seen so far >

inspiration station

6 minute film on Ireland's treatment of asylum seekers. Private firms are directly profiting from the maintenance of this. Inhumane system. >