Inspiration Station: Week 48

A Fun Way to Stop Buying Things You Don’t Really Need. (Side note - this isn´t a lectury thing about not shopping making you a “better person” somehow, but rather a quite witty and honest take on stuff many of us feel about “stuff”.)>

And whilst we´re on shopping….How to Decide What's Ordinary and What's Luxury When Shopping Vintage. >

A relaxing meditation on the island where dionne used to live. >

Brighton photography by Paul Cahill is getting us in the mood for our Brighton New Year Retreat.>

Them “how are you spending your saturday night?” Me: >

The promise of transport is powerful—we are all a sip or a shot or a dusting away from being ugly, bummed, harried, dumb—and I admit that I, too, have been seduced. For fifty bucks, I bought a small jar of Brain Dust, which contains the herb astragalus and an Ayurvedic rock extrusion called shilajit. It sits in my cupboard—what Bacon would call my Moon Pantry—a pretty little conundrum. How much Brain Dust do you have to eat before you realize you’re a chump? Because, really, who can afford to eat this way consistently, other than the founder of the business herself?

The Moon Juice Gospel of Self. >

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Ashley Walters – so solid dad. >

People are treating the DAPL protest like Burning Man. Standing Rock has reportedly been overrun with white demonstrators trying to soak up the ‘cultural experience’. >

Zadie Smith on the Politics of Fiction. >

"Kandia, an African women in her fifties who has lived in Sweden for 30 years, decides to move back to Gambia." Medan vi lever / While we live. No international release date yet (though hopefully it'll get one soon). >

Sometimes I think my depression is the most normal thing about me. We should all get free therapy. We could call it reparations.

How to Stay Sane While Black. >




Chaka is pretty close to Dionne´s alter ego (Ethel). Here´s one of her fave´s.

And in the mood to feel inspired? Here´s our list of 20 must see inspiring documentaries!