Inspiration Station: Week 46

Music has wings. It moves upon the wings of intuition and thought...
— Sun Ra

Making Images with Harley Weir >

Trauma, hope and healing. Thank you for this one Aida! >

Remembering David Mancuso, disco host and a man who knew which records could move you >

Sun Ra >

LoL - thanks for this one Anna!- a Trump blocker >

Forgot to add this last week (and it was his birthday) - Ru Paul´s keynote speech - for when you are feeling sad or upset or angry or bitter - and how to not let it overcome you. >

The Sesame Street mannequin challenge >

Aretha on Oprah >

Aaradhna is our Hero! >

Plop : Confronting Racism in Berlin, One Offensive T-Shirt at a Time >

NW on BBC was our highlight watch...(and also one of dionne´s faves by Zadie...>

Zadie Smith: By the Book >

Jack Kornfield: Difficult Times and Liberation >

When bad relationships offer a false sense of security, letting go of them feels like waking up.

10,000 Hours of Friendship >

What should we do when the news makes it feel like the world is ending? >

Positive ways to take action in a post Trump post Brexit world >

Some music therapy - Julianna Barwick - Forever (Live on KEXP) >

Holy f*ck - now what?! >

The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces >

In case you missed it: a time for refusal >

Luther on Sesame St! What a hero! >

An expandable chair please! >

Take a break from the apocalypse — watch the World Disco Finals of 1980! *dionne silently mutters “it should have been me!* >

In Brighton and want to avoid Black Friday? Go for a walk! >

Rising stars >

This clip has honestly built me up all week. Hope the beauty of music and this woman´s incredible gift uplifts you too. >

Questioning safety pin solidarity and why i can´t trust white people. >

GIFspiration for when you just need a hug >

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