Inspiration Station Week 3!

Gael serving up some truths.

One photographer’s amazing firsthand look at the 1980s Jamaican dancehall scene. Riddim on the rise >

(...Please, make it stop!)"Goodbye Hygge, hello Lagom: the secret of Swedish contentment ">

We love the smell of printed magazines (and the content). Here are two of our current faves >

tank magazine majestic disorder magazine

Jasmine Thomas-Girvan Utilizes the Subject of Loss to Right the Wrongs of the Past and the Present >

Fancy a practice with me? Check out my youtube channel! >

Keep the Lurgy away with our ruthless turmeric honey ginger concoction "F***ing Fine" > 

Amazing! Solange talks about composing Cranes in the Sky on Song Exploder >

Fave find in the shops this week: a Llama pen from Paperchase (pictured out for a walk by the Brighton Pavillion) >

Llama Pen

Blueberry + Spinach Smoothie: The Ultimate energy top-up! >

photo by Ketil

photo by Ketil

Fave kind of weather this week: Misty >

Amazing shot by Sam Crocker

Amazing shot by Sam Crocker

Brighton Misty Mornings

Ketil is now on Bandcamp! Listen here >

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful >

We’re not machines. We’re human. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. 50 Ways to Practice Self-Care when your Mental Health is Crap >

In the mood? >

Thank you for this one, Aida Sis! Meet Ashraf & Mohammed, married for more than 80 years! >

A short story about privilege by Toby Morris (click for full story and worth it even if you´ve seen it before) >

Another Jennifer Lewis anthem for you! >

Relate. my life in a short clip. >

Pantsula dance! #movementstudies >

Handwriting robot meditation >

More inspiration station >