Is it Possible to be Completely Happy?

In a world full of unknowns, in a life that will end, in our daily lives full of worries and distractions: is it possible to ever reach the space and the time and the place to be completely happy? 

We went to our favourite park in Brighton a while ago, with the sun, the blossom, the dogs and the rats (!) unleashed and chewed on this question. AND (hashtag-alarm), we recorded the audio of our discussion and made it into a podcast to share with you (#wanderasIwander #soundcloud #musings #download #mp3 #podcast). 

Is it perhaps a human thing to even worry about being happy enough? Yes, animals can also be sad, but do they worry about the possibility of sadness before it arrives? Are we overthinking and complicating everything? Can only stupid people be happy? Are dogs more stupid than cats? Can we be more happy by watching films with only happy endings? Can yoga, mindfulness and healthy eating make us more happy? Does privilege play a part in all this? These were all topics we covered. Download, stream, hashtag, enjoy!