GOOD VIBES: rituals to use to set your energy in place + free mixxx

Taja Seville sang about love being contagious. I´m with her. I´d go as far to say that energy is contagious. It´s definitely contagious.

Think about the last time you went into a room, and a heaviness lurked. Or entered a club/jungle feeling like J-lo in the Waiting For Tonight vid- vibes galore.

Or if you´ve ever taken an exam, those pre-exam nerves outside the room that would spread like wildfire. Or if you´ve ever been to West Street, Brighton to experience a “special” Saturday night.

Energy is tangible. Has currency. Is potent.

We are made from it. We contain it. We can conjure it. We can take it and pass it on.

So how does this translate to our daily life?

Perhaps it´s owning our energy and realising what currency it has.
Using it responsibly, if you will.

Giving ourselves the SPACE to check in with it regularly.

In the mornings, for example.
Let´s go with Monday mornings:
How do we approach our days? Is it starting from a place of irritation and lack? A tired “can´t be bothered” approach? Or is it spacious feel?

Making time to let ourselves fully wake up. Perhaps sit. Notice. Slowly take self care rituals, cleansing, dressing, eating. And so on.

And wherever we might be going in our days, to walk, with intention, or get public transport with intention, or drive with – you get the picture.

Perhaps we work from home. What energy do we bring into the workplace? Is it hurried and carrying the energy of being limited – not enough (time, patience, etc). Or is it spacious. Unhurried. Patient (because we have punctuated our energy with space for ourselves).

From our journeys to our interactions and our relationships with ourselves –

Energy is mutable. It´s changeable and we can transform space, relationships and time with our approach.

Knowing how powerful we are is a good first step.

Then deciding HOW we want to feel.

And acting accordingly.


I have a few rituals that I use to set my energy in place for the mornings to feel GOOD, INSPIRED and GROUNDED:


1. Meditation 

Guided or not (a look into the neighbours back garden watching the cats is some of my fave contemplation time). 


2. Showertime Mindfulness 

Being present and reminding myself of the energy of space. No matter how much I have on my plate, when I make time to put self care first, I get the best ideas (don´t you? Right in and after the shower?!)

3. Asking my Guides!

I have cards (goddess and guides) that I draw, sometimes using my stones, sometimes not, or i ask my bookshelf with a question in mind, then pull out a book, flick through a page and see what comes out. We´re constantly attracting energy to us (as well as repelling it away). I find it a useful way to “get connected” so to speak. Here´s a recent reading! 


4. Yoga and Creative Movement practice

Especially grounding techniques. This helps me to feel connected and present and as a result, able to manage all the different kinds of energies floating around!

…Movement might be in a Bathroom Disco which allows me to listen to Rihanna or Roy Ayers or Chaka Khan, anything that gives me freedom to feel.

One of my fave movement studies is to explore groundedness through downdog. Here´s a vid!


5. Talking to my Crystals 

Yep, that´s right, I keep a collection of stones in my house and i´m not afraid to use them! I´m a big believer in the healing power they have, and got my first one (rose quartz) in the year 1999 – when I was struggling with panic attacks. Since then, my collection has grown and shrunk, but I trust the right ones appear when we need them. 

crystals energy changing the menu


6. Music

In every way, the right record can transform how I’m feeling in a moment. I have a spiritual communion with the record player and clutch the sleeves of my fave LP’s like being 3 again 

Dionne, feelings, records, mixxx


I made you a playlist of some current energy shifters in my latest show – FEELINGS (I made the show as an outlet for energy to flow!) – I do hope you enjoy it!


7. Nature 

You know it makes sense babes. Getting outside and into nature can be the perfect tonic for shifting our state (thanks Ollie for teaching me this in 2006). Even if it´s only getting out for a change in perspective (isn´t that the same as shifting our energy anyways?) 

south downs, walking, mindfulness, dionne yoga


What do you do to balance your energy? Do you have any tips or tricks you use to centre yourself?

Comment below so we can all share and learn and grow!

Also, we made a special GOOD VIBES MIXXX for you! Here it is >>>

Love Dionne