Phew, 2016!

Phew, 2016 - you´ve been a year of growth for so many of us! Appreciating the opportunity to become more resilient and hopefully more graceful with time and energy, stronger and clearer! For us at Changing the Menu HQ, we´ve been so lucky to connect with so many of you, in real life in Norway and the UK, as well as online all over the world. Thank you so so much for all of your support, we are cooking up some treats for you in the new year to come! In the meantime, we want to say thank you for all your good energy and for being so generous with it. Thank you for being you. And for connecting with us. Appreciate every single one of you. Much love and sweetness to you as we transition to 2017! May it be beautiful, nourishing and healing for us all! 

Here's a look back at the year that just was: in pictures, video and sound followed by a roundup of some of my biggest inspirations of 2016! 


Visionboarding workshop at H.en! 


+ at Cult Milk! 


Ketil interviews legendary musician Jimi Tenor >


My radio show FEELINGS airs for the first time on totallyradio > 


My Lexie interview is published + she even visits us in Brighton! >

Lexie and Dionne

We do our first experiments with podcasting >


Prince. >

Bergen Spring Workshops >

Yoga at H.en in Brighton >

yoga at Hen


Prince Tribute Yoga Session >

Brighton in May is beautiful >

We do beach walks as often as we can >

London artist date >

I DJ for Totally Radio during The Great Escape Festival in Brighton >

We join a #Sayhername protest in London >

Women of Colour Wellness

I share a self care talk + creative activities for One Girl Band in Brighton > 

one girl band

We help out our friend Fatou at African Experience Brighton setting up a facebook page + getting her new business cards >


Brighton Summer Retreat! >

I write an article for Black Girl in OM

Bike ride to Rottingdean with all kinds of bliss feels >



We start Bullet Journaling >

bullet journals

Tropical vibes in Brighton >


Lick Yoga hits 1000 likes on Facebook! Thank you!


We visit Bjork Digital in London and get VERY inspired >

Bonus artist date at the VERY VERY inspiring Hassan Hajjaj exhibition > 

Hassan Hajjaj

I start my rolling Vibes Immediately! playlist. Not subscribed? Get in here. >


Bergen Autumn Workshops >

Silent Disco in Bergen > 

silent disco


Ketil starts #MusicMondays via our instagram stories. Follow us to see new sessions every week. >


The end of an era and Lick Yoga as we know it >

I start a youtube channel and begin making weekly yoga videos - you can subscribe here >

FAVES: My biggest inspirations in 2016 >

Fave Films: Victoria, Childhood of a Leader.

Fave Vines!

Fave Music: here´s a playlist of some of my faves

Fave art: Bjork

Fave Prince gifs:

Fave other gif:

Fave youtube talks:

Fave digital habit - removing whatsapp (sorry friends) - last year it was fb and twitter.

Fave supplement : magnesium in all forms

Fave tip for travel: keeping a list of things i use on every work trip in my bujo.

Fave post-work-project tip: recording an audio “review” after each event, listing what worked, what didn´t, what i needed, what i could do without.

Fave work habit: being less demanding on myself. Oprah days!

Fave yoga practice: meditation.

Fave essential oil: frankincense, still.

Fave instagram account: Wolfgang, still. >

Fave life-giving nourishment moment: Solo gifting us with A Seat at the Table.

Fave music video:

Fave live music moment: Roy Ayers again, although it was also pensive.

Fave “outdoorsy” moments: joint place - a walk up Fløyen in the autumn before running the workshops plus every sunset on Brighton Beach. Oh and dancing to a sax solo playing over the track Mr Loverman at Sammychips´wedding on the lawn this summer. Unforgettable. 

Bergen Norway

Fave swim: September 2016, Brighton Beach, coupled with a chat with a stranger whilst floating around. And if it counts, a paddle during Laura´s wedding party in the sea in charming Whitstable! Who needs swimmers?!

Fave energetic moment: Sharing a self care workshop during the Brighton Summer Retreat with good people. The potency at the end of class was deeply moving.

Fave Person i´ll miss the most: Prince.

Fave habit: regular meditation time. Daily walks. And my Bujo.

Fave drink: Fucking Fine (recipe here)

Fave Fruit most consumed: Kiwi.

Fave tv: Still modern family, Stranger Things, Divorce, Mimi´s reality tv….

Fave “wow” moment: going to Werner Herzog´s screening WITH Herzog.

Werner Herzog

More inspiration? check out our jule inspo station here>