Friday 30 September - Sunday 2 October

WE´RE RETURNING TO BERGEN! It´s been so long! We´re very pleased indeed!

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch asking us to come back!

We’ve delved deep to come up with an offering that takes you on a journey of different styles and tastes in movement, meditation and "mat", and really hope that it´s useful and inspiring! This time we’ve added even more yoga explorations, more nutritious food, and more practical creative activities to give you an opportunity to find your focus this autumn.

Our main base for the weekend’s movement workshops is the beautiful and harmonious Griegakademiet in the heart of Bergen on Saturday 1 October and Sunday 2 October, as well as Litteraturhuset for the informal meet-up on Friday evening 30 September to kick-start our journey together. So happy to be back there after our lovely experience during the spring workshops in April. Here's a little video from that wondrous weekend >>>

AUTUMN: the winds of change

After the outward and expansive summer season, we transition towards Autumn, a time of movement. Wind. Change. Introversion. Transformation. and Possibility! 

Where do we put our focus? This is something we will unpick in our Autumn Workshops.

These sessions will honour the change of season, exploring how we can create opportunities for sustainable habits, rituals, goals and strengthen our practice.  We use "focus" to practice implementing balance, getting grounded, and cultivating energy stocks that can carry us forward towards the winter months.  

As we leave summer, we have an opportunity to lay the foundations for what we want to build in the more introverted seasons. Time for self reflection. Taking stock. Harvesting achievements. And creating a realistic and sustainable path to get there.

The workshop-series as a whole are designed to find a complete and clear route towards your focus for autumn, however, each workshop includes a different path to get you closer to your goal and can also be taken separately if you fancy.

Really hope this package is useful and fills you with a fresh dose of inspiration, new energy - be that physically, mentally, emotionally etc.!

Dream space: Griegakademiet's Prøvesalen, our main base for the weekend. 

Dream space: Griegakademiet's Prøvesalen, our main base for the weekend. 


Here´s a brief outline on each of the workshops. 

The first session - FLOW (YOUR OWN WAY) establishes where we put our focus, using rhythm, grounding techniques and consistency through flow.

The second, TAKE CARE OF YOU looks inward exploring compassionate self care and how we can support ourselves and our energy this season.

The third, CULTIVATING CLARITY pulls together our findings from sessions 1+2 , identifying our focus and taking it forward from a centred place.

Each of the sessions will be a combination of Ayurveda inspired movement and stillness studies, meditation and breath work, along with creative activities to inspire and delve a little deeper.

By the end of the workshops, he aim is to map a clearer focus for the autumn winter period (and beyond!). That includes taking stock as to where we are at right now, looking at where our focus is, and exploring places that we want it to be (and how to get there!).

As part of our practice of consistency, we will be exploring a meditation practice in each of the sessions, finding routines that feel most supportive. Note: you do not have to have any meditation experience!

We will also focus on breathwork that compliments each of the styles of the classes that helps us to focus in a different way. 

There is no need for prior experience, you will have options available that you can pick and choose as you like. There is space for our individuality, and as always, to let our practice be as unique as we are. If that means having lost of rest and a snooze, then that´s ay ok. Do what you feel, babes.

We recommend you bring a blanket and notebook for each of the sessions to amplify extra koselig vibes.

All workshops include a yoga session (2.5 hours), food (vegetarian lunches and dessert/afternoon chai), tea, coffee, snacks (nuts and fruit) and a mini-food workshop with a take-home recipe card.

For us, a positive relation to food is a way to set your focus on feeling good, offering the body nutritious and delicious sustenance that enables us to be at our optimum health. We also love to share our recipes that we change seasonally and create a social space for questions and exchange.

For more on each individual workshop, scroll on!


Bergen Autumn Workshops



at Griegakademiet (Prøvesalen)

Saturday 1st October

10:30 - 13:30

Lunch is served from 13:00



In our first workshop, we establish our foundations, starting where we are with what we have. It´s a flow class with creative activities, and our first step forward in our journey.

We will approach a meditation, breathwork and movement practice and explore where our focus is, using our gaze and mindful transitions to build on a sequence that is steady, sustainable and always rooted.

We will create heat to burn through resistance and doubt - especially if our focus feels all over the place right now. Shake off tension, distraction and unhelpful patterns. Find ways to settle the nervous system despite the winds of change and consistent movement. Get out of your own way, open habitual tensions, soften resistance and anything that´s stopping you from feeling present. 

Although we use a dynamic flow to explore focus, it will be a slow, steady and sustainable one, where you can set your own rhythm. Expect to create space for your hips and shoulders using standing poses, play with balance, some creative transitions and a lot of good vibes.

We´ll break down some shapes and tackle how to make them less intimidating and go a little deeper in how we can build strength and find our flow without rushing, forcing or pushing.

This session is suitable for all levels and you will be encouraged to choose your own mild and/or spicy seasoning in the practice, taking as many rests as you need and like or experimenting and exploring as you feel.

What to expect:




Experiments in movement and ease:::

Play. Rest. Breathe. Be:::

Standing and floor work using props (or not – it´s your practice!)::::

Build heat, strength and energy but from a grounded place of awareness::::


Post workshop:

After you have rested, we will serve lunch comprising of a warm, hearty and nutritious soup with wholesome bread. Ketil and I will talk about ingredients, tips and combinations plus you will also receive a recipe card to take home with you.

If you are joining the afternoon workshop, we break until 14:30 so feel free and welcome to head outdoors for vibes.

Workshop timings:

Arrive from 10:15

Movement workshop 10:30 - 13:00

Lunch is served: 13:00

Image: Bruno (PENABRANCA)



at Griegakademiet (Prøvesalen)

Saturday 1st October

14:30 - 17:30

Afternoon chai and dessert are served from 17:00


Deeply gentle, relaxing, healing and restorative, this class will take the rhythm of our Yoga + Self Care Workshops - slow! Focussing inwards on the adrenals and supporting our immune systems is the focus for much of the session, creating space for the hips, the low back and support for the kidneys. Expect a full body experience on your introverted movement studies.

We´ll use props to support us and find our chill and to come back to ourselves. This tends to be a deeper and more intuitive self study, combining movement and stillness. Dionne will be guiding the session but exploration and deep listening (to yourself) is encouraged.

A safe, intimate, nourishing and rejuvenating environment for your body and mind.

Journey through a grounded, quiet, calm and restorative self care practice.

Feast on tools and techniques that encourage you to slow down and delve a little deeper into yourself, paying attention as you take a compassionate focus inward.

Take time out to get to know yourself again, thoughts, body, guts, home.

Reacquaint, explore how to come back to yourself and discover ways to maintain self care when we return to the outside world and move forward to direct some focus onto our Autumn season.

A sumptuous and sensual journey discovering the best methods to nurture and support yourself.

Address how to integrate self care into daily life.

More space, stress less, refuel and replenish.


What to expect:

Slow, gentle, tender movement, mostly on the floor or with a chair:::

Detailled focus::::



Self massage::::



Less doing, relax into being:::

*You will need a blanket for this session.


Post workshop treat:


After you have rested, we will serve afternoon Chai with seasonal warming spices along with some sweet but nutritious treats. Ketil and I will talk about ingredients, tips and combinations plus you will also receive a recipe card to take home with you.


Workshop timings:

Arrive from 14:15

Movement workshop 14:30 - 17:00

Afternoon Chai and Dessert from 17:00

Image: Bruno (PENABRANCA)

Bergen Autumn Workshops

Bergen Autumn Workshops



at Griegakademiet (Prøvesalen)

Sunday 2nd October

11:30 - 14:30

Lunch is served from 14:00

After looking outward in our flow session, then inward in our self care session, we create the conditions to get clear on our journey forward dreaming BIG to set dreams into motion creating steps to get there that are tangible and most importantly, sustainable.

Combining flow with restorative work that includes chair yoga, flow and floor work, Gently open areas that might not get a lot of attention, and working patiently, with respect, curiosity and pleasure!

Focus on unwinding the spine and rinsing the body as we explore twists, folds and standing balances - with the support of props to help us along the way. Balance flow and static shapes, the physical and the mental, effort and ease. Cultivate clarity and refine your perspective by integrating your attention to your practice, and to your vision on and off the mat. 

A slow but deeply nourishing focus using our connection to our core to create space and step forward with intention, hopefully enabling you to feel replenished, balanced, centred and inspired.


What to expect:

Cleanse and unwind:::

Focussed awareness:::

A mix of flow, chair, yin and restorative:::

Deep work with satisfying relaxation:::

Creative work to get clear on your focus:::

Post workshop treat:

After you have rested, we will serve lunch comprising of another complimentary warm, hearty and nutritious soup with wholesome bread. Ketil and I will talk about ingredients, tips and combinations plus you will also receive a recipe card to take home with you.


Workshop timings:

Arrive from 11:15

Movement workshop 11:30 - 14:00

Soup feasting  14:00

(Image: Heather Heininge)


Friday 30 September

Social at Colonialen @  Litteraturhuset
18:00 - 20:30

Saturday 1 October:

at Griegakademiet, Prøvesalen
(Arrive from 10:15)
Movement workshop 10:30 - 13:00
Lunch is served: 13:00

at Griegakademiet, Prøvesalen
(Arrive from 14:15)
Movement workshop 14:30 - 17:00
Afternoon Chai and Dessert from 17:00

Sunday 2 October: 

at Griegakademiet, Prøvesalen - 
(Arrive from 11:15)
Movement workshop 11:30 - 14:00
Soup feasting from 14:00



Our Social on Friday 30 September will take place at
Colonialen, which is in Litteraturhuset, Østre Skostredet 5. 
Here’s a map.

Workshops on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October will take place at
Griegakademiet, Prøvesalen, entry from Lars Hilles Gate 3 - where the Google arrow is on the map (Ketil will wait at the door for you and let you in!).
Here’s a map. 






  • Deal for all three workshops with lunches at Griegakademiet, if you have ever joined us for a Brighton Retreat: 1350 kr per person (10 % off).
  • Deal for all three workshops with lunches at Griegakademiet: 1500 kr per person.
  • Per workshop with lunch at Griegakademiet: 600 kr per person.


- - - - Price Deal includes: Yoga and movement workshops, all lunches, food workshops, recipe cards, snacks, tea, as well as the Friday evening get-together at Litteraturhuset- - - - -

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. If you don´t have a mat, please request to borrow one when booking and we will arrange one for you.

These workshops are open to all. No previous experience required.


*Places are limited and are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

*To register and reserve your space, pre-pay to bank account: Dionne Elizabeth, 1203 91 73059
Please mark your payment with your name as a reference and email and we will confirm your place via email.

*Upon booking please let us know by email if you would like to join us for the optional Social get-together at Colonialen at Litteraturhuset on Friday 30 September. 

*Payments are non-refundable unless your space can be filled.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at: or use the form in our contact section

Here's also the facebook event.

See you!

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dionne + ketil