We are Dionne Elizabeth and Ketil Kinden Endresen, creative entrepreneurs based between Brighton (UK) and Norway.



We are a creative agency, and make and produce innovative art and wellness projects, embracing otherness and originality in writing, visual arts, music, sound installations, yoga and creative movement. 

We are interested in creating inclusive spaces to connect and inspire. 

May we ALWAYS strive to dismantle any pretentious snootiness, barriers and abusive power structures - in yoga, in music, in art, in food and in life.
We are interested in changing the menu, in accessibility and in empowerment for every body. 

You can read our "non vanlig" manifesto here.

Changing the Menu




Based between Norway and UK, we have produced cultural projects in a wide variety of settings for diverse audiences since 2010. Our past presentation spaces include art galleries, museums, public spaces, kindergartens, culture houses, art festivals, Cultural historical buildings, yoga festivals and universities.

Our collaborators include: H.enCult Milk, Bergen School of Architecture, Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen, Harald Sæverud Museum Siljustøl, Ole Bull Museum Lysøen, Herosalen Bergen Barneasyl, Bergen Kunsthall Landmark, KODE - Art Museums of Bergen, Movement Arts Festival, Om Yoga Show London & Manchester, Lick, Sunnhordland Museum, the Alma Hub, Skjerjehamn.




European Union - Youth in Action
Arts Council Norway
City Council of Bergen
Hordaland County Council

Yoga with Dionne


I grew up between the UK and the Caribbean and my mixed background combined with wide-eyed curiosity has left me restless and shy of pigeonholes, leading me to live in diverse places from Barcelona to the Cote d'Azur and Bergen (Norway).

I´m generally into eating the rules and boundaries and and instead encouraging accessibility, inclusivity and realness in yoga, wellness, art and well, life! 

My background is in the arts, music and radio doing things like performance, sound design, producing shows and arranging events. I spends my time teaching and sharing yoga and movement techniques, usually combined with music, lasers and strange locations, and sometimes saying inappropriate things.

I run projects in various locations including a fro-yo warehouse, art museums, lofts and remote islands doing a range of things like creativity and movement classes, workshops and retreats.

I also DJ and write, and am based between Brighton UK and Bergen, Norway. Now and then i plays records (or MP3s), sometimes alone, sometimes as Brød & Smør, oh and on a radio show. I´m usually dancing in equal measure. 


I´m INTERESTED in lots of things. Here are a few current inspirations>>>

    • Prince.
    • Animals. Especially if they´re a bit paunchy, and/or talking.
    • Food. Particularly if it´s Caribbean. 
    • Flat Top
    • Music. Too much to mention. Some mixxxes (some scattered here). Old radio show with radio hubster here should you fancy a wander down a musty memory lane (features music and loving squabbles).
    • James Wright + MonoNeon + Patti LaBelle´s Sweet Potato Pies
    • the Others. Otherness in all forms. Being mixed race. Living between cultures. Challenging misconceptions. Changing perspectives. Changing the menu.
    • Eartha Kitt
    • Artists dates in fabric shops touching materials.
    • Sun Ra
    • Film watching and making. Faves are forever changing but include: Purple Rain (obvs), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Frida, Caché, Ex Machina, Bad Education (2004), Fish Tank, everything by Mike Leigh, 90s r&b music videos….
    • Social justice.
    • Writing about any/all of the above.

    KETIL > 

    I'm a composer, music producer, writer, event manager and art producer from Stavanger, Norway. As a member of the Norwegian group Casiokids, I've been touring extensively in Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Japan since 2004.

    Since 2006 I've worked with writing, composing and production for film music, sound installations, theatre productions, dance performances and sound work-shops in Norway, Germany and France.

    Since 2002 I've also produced radio shows, arranged club nights and concerts in Norway, Denmark and France, as well as making a radio documentary on musician and activist Fela Kuti on a month long trip to Nigeria 2008.

    I have a bachelor degree in Media science, Art History and Film from University of Bergen.

    Here are some of my current top inspirations >>>